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Calia Italia

From Matera with Style since 1965


Calia Italia was born in 1965 in Matera, whose ancient neighborhoods called “Sassi” - a unique place in the world – reveal an arid landscape, where tangled dwellings are carved in a white, porous rock on the slopes of a ravine.


To survive in such a severe, inaccessible territory, inhabitants have always nurtured a deep sense of solidarity and moral and emotional neighborhood, sharing the common areas between the little houses in the tufa rock, socializing in the alleyways and in the squares, searching for a vital comfort to make life pleasant.


Calia Italia designs, manufactures and exports worldwide sofas and chairs in leather and fabric, known for their outstanding craftsmanship, care for details, attention to design and unmistakable comfort.

Thanks to the efforts of over 1,500 people working in the Murgia area, Calia Italia guarantees a daily production of over 1,000 seats a day, developing more than 40 new models per year, in 50 different covers both in leather and fabric available in over 400 colors. Calia Italia’s comfort, conceived and made in Matera, is stored in one of the largest automated warehouses in Europe to be delivered to over 90 countries.




Phone: 336-841-4715


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