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Calligaris USA, Inc.

Proudly Italian and 100% international, Calligaris brings 100 years of experience to the world of contemporary furniture design.


At Calligaris, we believe that furniture should be as functional as it is elegant. We believe that innovative design should be engineered to offer real life solutions and essential comfort. And even after 100 years of experience, we continue to experiment with materials and finishes. We know that every space- and home-maker’s needs are different, so we offer a wide range of products and made-to-order options to make sure you find what you need. From seats and tables to beds, occasionals and accessories, Calligaris is all about how you choose to live your style. We believe in quality. In fact, all of our products are rigorously tested and certified. We also believe in convenience, which is why you’ll find us all over the world. But most of all, we believe in the importance of creating a home. A home for living, dining, sleeping, working, playing. And everything in between.


Calligaris is part of Calligarisgroup.


Phone:  336-431-5500


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