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Composad is a company of Saviola Holding with headquarters in Viadana Mantua - Italy.

Founded in 2000, Composad produces and commercializes RTA furniture, worldwide; in few years Composad has become the leader into Italian market and one of the most important RTA Furniture manufacturers, in Europe.


From Bedroom to Living room:

Composad proposes "All Home Furniture Solutions".


The furniture made by Composad matches Italian style with the needs of international clients; the result is a smart furniture following the new trends with a unique key value:


all the furniture are made by Ecological Panel, 100 % recycled wood and 100% FSC certified;

this is the philosophy, the mission that characterizes all Saviola Holding Companies:


Developing only eco-friendly business!


3 Key-Values: Eco-Friendly / Upcycling / Made in Italy


Transforming a waste wood in an italian eco-friendly furniture:

"Yes, it’s all True!"


Composad furniture are realized since 2000 using only post-consumer wood, 100% recycled wood;

the first company in the world thanks to the close synergy with the sister company Saviola.


Composad furniture are designed and made in Italy, an amazing match between the typically Italian aesthetic sense of Beauty and the Global Market outlook.

The turnover, year by year, has seen increased the export share, in 2021 exports exceeded 85 % of the total. The furniture, 100% made in Italy, are placed by the world's leading retailers of the furniture market in over 70 countries.

Phone: +39 03757871


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