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GAMMA Arredamenti

High-end boutique production of handmade upholstery exclusively Made in Italy.


Details are essential, so we take care of every last one. With the skills of our craftsmen, designs take shape and are transformed from abstract ideas to a tangible reality. This rare and valuable dexterity does more than just create our products in a tangible sense, it is also responsible for completing more in-depth, delicate and polished work. With their hands, our experts weigh up the tools, caress the leathers and work the materials, using strength, decision-making skills and extreme delicacy as required. If you watch them closely, you will see that it is these hands that tell you who we are, our story and our values.


Research and innovation, without ever forgetting the values of tradition.

Clear vision of the present and an eye towards the future. This is how Gamma demonstrates its love for design, its strong personality, and the intrinsic elegance of every single element.


The hand-crafted quality and design of our furniture is a celebration of the craftsmanship that went into making it, even in the more contemporary shapes and modern lines, in a continuous quest for excellence.


A modern product as unique as your fingerprints!

Phone:  336-886-8060


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