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Gorini Divani 

Gorini Divani has been present with its products in the furniture market for decades, and it’s hard to say whether it’s an art or laborious originality. Whether it’s an innate skill of the people who work on our sofas everyday, or whether just the result of years of experience. There is, however, one thing we’re certain of: we design and produce sofas made to last, made to be lived on, sofas with soul, character, and a story to tell.

Everything we produce is born in Italy, in our lab in Forlì. 

Behind Gorini’s sofas are months of studies, tests, and iterations; the paradoxical search for imperfections that an industrial product could never boast to have. This is how it should be, because every line, every mark on our leather, and every color shade is a proud testament of the genuine integrity of our products.

Telling the story of our passion is no easy feat: creating a high quality sofa is a matter of time, patience, dedication, and gradients of craftsmanship that are hard to boil down to a couple of sentences. Every product contains within itself a story made up of people, experience, working hands, and choices. All of these elements make every Gorini’s sofa an unique work of craftmanship.

Craftsmanship, design and innovation are the core principles of Gorini, so much so that these qualities can be found within all of our products. For this reason Gorini Divani — ever since its creation over 30 years ago as the brainchild of Davide Gorini — has chosen to go above and beyond, never settling.

Phone: +39 0543 724 704


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